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Ortholog [Help]

      Insect ortholog groups were produced by analyzing the official Gene Sets of seven insects with the software OrthoMCL, including Bombyx mori, Danaus plexippus, Linepithema humile, Nasonia vitripennis, Tribolium castaneum, Aedes aegypti, Pediculus humanus. In total, 973 ortholog groups are included in this webpage.
Ortholog Group List
Group ID Group Annotation
iGroup-00091Tubulointerstitial nephritis antigen-like
iGroup-00092Uncharacterized protein C15orf41 homolog
iGroup-00094WD repeat-containing protein
iGroup-00095UPF0609 protein C4orf27 homolog
iGroup-00096Replication factor C subunit
iGroup-00097Integrator complex subunit
iGroup-00098Tyrosine-protein kinase transmembrane receptor Ror2
iGroup-00099Cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor subunit
iGroup-00100Sphingomyelin synthase-related