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Data -> Megaselia scalaris

Organism Megaselia scalaris
Lineage ;
Resource [Genomic]   [GFF3]   [mRNA]   [Protein]
Data source Ensembl
Organism strain "Durham, NC isolate 2 -- Noor lab"
Assembly Ensembl release20
Genomic Size 489 Mb
GC content 33.8%
Number of scaffolds 231,743
Scaffold N50 5,698
Number of contigs 390,729
Contig N50 932
Gene Set Ensembl release20
Gene 11,638
Protein 11,462
Submitter EBI
Assembly level Contig
GenBank assembly accession GCA_000341915.1
RefSeq assembly accession n/a
WGS Project CAQQ01
Assembly method
Sequencing technology