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Data -> Melitaea cinxia

Organism Melitaea cinxia
Lineage ;
Resource [Genomic]  
Data source NCBI
Organism strain
Genomic Size 378 Mb
GC content 37.23%
Number of scaffolds 8,261
Scaffold N50 119,328
Number of contigs 49,844
Contig N50 13,489
Gene Set
BioSample SAMN01932438
Submitter University of Helsinki
Assembly level Scaffold
GenBank assembly accession GCA_000716385.1
RefSeq assembly accession n/a
WGS Project APLT01
Assembly method SOAPdenovo v. 1.05 ; Newbler v. 2.6 ; MIP Scaffolder v. MARCH-2012
Sequencing technology Illumina; 454; SOLiD
Transcriptome 1
Tissue Melitaea cinxia
Year 2008
Platform Roche 454
Raw reads 595,941
Data accession SRA000207
Assemble software CAP3
Contigs 67,902
Annotated 17,216
Reference Vera J C, Wheat C W, Fescemyer H W, et al. Rapid transcriptome characterization for a nonmodel organism using 454 pyrosequencing[J]. Molecular ecology, 2008, 17(7): 1636-1647.
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