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Data -> Harpegnathos saltator

Organism Harpegnathos saltator
Lineage ;
Resource [Genomic]   [GFF3]   [mRNA]   [Protein]
Data source Ant Genome
Publication Bonasio, R. et al. Genomic comparison of the ants Camponotus floridanus and Harpegnathos saltator. Science 329, 1068-1071, doi:10.1126/science.1192428 (2010).  [PDF]
Organism strain "R22 G/1"
Genomic Size 288 Mb
GC content 45.2%
Number of scaffolds 21,347
Scaffold N50 598,193
Number of contigs 26,840
Contig N50 38,321
Gene Set
Gene 18,563
Protein 18,563
BioSample SAMN00016742
Submitter BGI-Shenzhen, Shenzhen 518083, China
Assembly level Scaffold
GenBank assembly accession GCA_000147195.1
RefSeq assembly accession GCF_000147195.1
WGS Project AEAC01
Assembly method SOAPdenovo v. 1.0
Sequencing technology Illumina GA