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Data -> Cimex lectularius

Organism Cimex lectularius
Lineage ;
Resource [Genomic]  
Data source NCBI
Organism strain "Harlan"
Genomic Size 629 Mb
GC content 39.39%
Number of scaffolds 1,402
Scaffold N50 7,172,596
Number of contigs 45,073
Contig N50 23,511
Gene Set
BioSample SAMN02434893
Submitter The i5k Initiative
Assembly level Scaffold
GenBank assembly accession GCA_000648675.1
RefSeq assembly accession n/a
WGS Project JHUN01
Assembly method AllPaths LG v. 35218; Atlas Link v. v1.0; Atlas GapFill v. v2.2
Sequencing technology Illumina