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Data -> Acromyrmex echinatior

Organism Acromyrmex echinatior
Lineage ;
Resource [Genomic]   [GFF3]   [mRNA]   [Protein]
Data source Ant Genome
Publication Nygaard, S. et al. The genome of the leaf-cutting ant Acromyrmex echinatior suggests key adaptations to advanced social life and fungus farming. Genome research 21, 1339-1348, doi:10.1101/gr.121392.111 (2011).  [PDF]
Organism strain
Genomic Size 289 Mb
GC content 33.7%
Number of scaffolds 4,339
Scaffold N50 1,110,581
Number of contigs 16,583
Contig N50 80,630
Gene Set
Gene 17,277
Protein 17,277
BioSample SAMN02953789
Submitter Beijing Genomics Institute, Shenzhen
Assembly level Scaffold
GenBank assembly accession GCA_000204515.1
RefSeq assembly accession GCF_000204515.1
WGS Project AEVX01
Assembly method SOAPdenovo v. 1.04
Sequencing technology Illumina HiSeq 2000